Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hello family! I hope you have had a great week this last week! This
week for me has been full of ups and downs. Monday and Tuesday Elder
Mikulenka was sick and so we pretty much just sat at home and slept
and studied and caught up some records and stuff. Then on Wednesday we
got to help with a primary activity in the woods! That was way fun. We
were in charge of a station and we set up a bag of candy and chocolate
way up high in the trees (like when you go camping) and had the
"prophet" another kid tell them how they could get it. Haha it was
pretty fun. Then we got to grill some wursts and corn over the
campfire and then had to run as fast as we could to Alejandro and
Cecilias house and had dinner (I was freaking stuffed) then taught a
lesson with Cecilia. That was a full and fun day.

Then on Thursday we headed to bern to go to the TEMPLE!! That was
seriously way cool! I love going to the temple. And it was really cool
to do it all in German too, except since there were a bunch of people
from Chech republic they got mixed up and did the first part of the
session in czheckish I was sooo lost. (Luckily after that all normal
German). It was kinda funny though because elder mikulenkas whole home
ward including his family was there. So I met his dad and sister, I
think it might have been kinda hard for him though. I know it would
have been hard for me to see all of you and then have to leave again.
But we did our session and then we ate some lunch with the elders in
Zollikofen and Elder Mikulenka told them all the people they should go
by on. (He served there for 6 months.) and then we headed home and we
taught this super hippy guy on the train. That was pretty fun. He was
headed to a "burning tree festival" hmmmm... Haha then we just went
finding after that.

Friday we ate at a members house for lunch and it is this old couple
and they are so cool! Haha they have literally done everything! They
were telling me all the different ski tours they have done and which
mountains are the best here and all kinds of crazy stories. They had
just gotten back from a bike ride when we got there. They are like 65
or so. Way cool people. Then we talked with him for a while and
started talking about some pretty deep doctrine and I got lost. Haha
then we went finding for a bit and then had an eating appointment with
a family we met in the street. We asked them if we could meet and
teach them a lesson and they were just like yeah come on over next
week and we can have dinner together! Haha so we went and they were so
awesome. They were like 28 or 30 and have 3 kids and we got there and
they had made this huge fancy dinner and everything. We ate and talked
and had a good time. We taught the lesson of plan of salvation at the
end and they thought it was interesting but said they don't have
really any interest. It's hard because her parents founded a church
that they are SUPER active in. But seriously perfect family. They were
awesome either way. Maybe one day.

Saturday we had two appointments fall out and so we just found most
the day. Pretty long boring day but we made it good! Saturday's I
think are by far the hardest day on the mission haha.

Sunday was good we had church and it was "besuchersonntag" which is
just that we had a special musical number and food after church and
was just a day to give members the opportunity to invite a friend.
Church was really good, then we all ate together and we got to try to
talk to all the friends that came and hopefully we will meet with them
in the coming weeks. Then after that we helped clean up and then had
to back up and erase everything off of Elder Mikulenkas iPad because
president was bringing him a new one so we did that and then president
came and we got to just sit and talk for about 30 minutes which was
actually pretty cool. I like president a lot more when you get the
opportunity to just see the real side of him. Then we spent the rest
of the evening trying to get everything back onto elder mikulenkas
iPad and updating records. Me and elder Mikulenka had a really good
talk that hopefully will help us work even a little better together.
He is honestly really really hard on him self and he even was saying
he almost think it would be better if he didn't come on a mission
because his dad wouldn't having to be putting so much money into it.
He really is a very dedicated and hard working missionary but is
always so down on himself because he "could have done better" but
yeah. Hopefully we can work on it! He's a great guy.

Today we had district P Day and it was AWESOME!! Haha we had so much
fun. We hiked a mountain called Säntis. There is a cable car that goes
to the top but it is so much more satisfying to hike it!! :) we had to
cross like five very steep snow fields and lots of fun stuff. We also
found a snow chute and we went sledding on it and it was so much fun!
We had a really great time!! I really like my district right now! Then
we had a dinner appointment with Alejandro and Cecilia at the Fuhrers
house! It was really good and a really fun environment which is
important with Cecilia. We shared a spiritual thought on prayer. Also
on a side note Phillip Fuhrer invited me next Monday to do splits and
for Elder Mikulenka to go with Tim, his son. Then me and him are going
to go on a 100km bike ride together!! I am so beyond stoked! I miss
the bike. Great p day!! :)

This week was a little slow and we didn't get as much done as I wish
we could of but we are both healthy now and ready to work hard this
week. I love you all so much and I just want to say thank you to
everybody that has helped me in so so many ways! You are all the best!
I am so grateful to for this gospel and that we really can know that
when we lose a loved one that it goes farther. We will see them again
and we can always be together as a family. I am so grateful for all
the wonderful examples  and role models I have in my life.

Liebe Grüße,

Elder Hunter

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