Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Man this week has just been crazy, saying goodbye to everybody,
packing, coming here trying to meet my new ward, understand this
dialect, everything! But it's been awesome!! My new companion is
awesome. He is from the Chech republic and is I think two transfers
older than me on the mission but speaks really good German. He also
speaks really good English but I help him a lot with his English and
he helps me with my German, Italian, and chechish. Haha okay just
German and Italian. We get along really well. It's kinda hard though
because now all the European missionaries see the Americans as kind of
a threat of being kicked out of Switzerland and so most the euro
missionaries don't like American missionaries. But you just have to
deal with it. Hopefully it will help bring the Americans and Europeans
together more as a mission rather than the Switzerland mission and the
Germany and Austria mission. I guess we will see.
Monday we pretty much spent the day just saying goodbye to members and
I also went and bought a couple things because it would be cheaper in
austria. Then Tuesday we had district meeting and Elder Samuelson and
I both got to give our testimonies which is always fun. Then we had a
district finding day in the pouring rain! But we were actually able to
talk to some really cool people! It was good! Then the rest of the day
was saying bye to people again and also doing sport abend! It was
actually so sad/funny we were in the parking lot of the church walking
towards the church and all of the sudden Andreas just falls face first
into this big hedge and can't get up but is just laughing so hard. I
helped him out and he was fine just laughing but the hedge was
wrecked. Funny last experience with him! But then I was up till about
12:30 packing and just getting ready to go.
Wednesday we went to breakfast with Bishop Roth and had a really good
time. He is a way good guy. Then it was off to Bahnhof we were there
for a while and Elder Kopishche showed me an email in Schweitze
Deutsch and I understood/recognized about two words.. I said goodbye
to Elder Jensen and everybody else and hopped on the train with
everybody else going to Switzerland. Me and Elder Cornetta rode
together. It was fun to catch up with him. He was transferred to biel
which is literally 1 hour away from his house by train. That would be
hard. But he'll do great. The train ride was sooo pretty. I went
though four different countries in about 6 hours. Austria, Germany,
Lichtenstein and Switzerland. It was really cool!! Then about twenty
minutes from Zurich I realized everybody else had already received
there tickets saying they will leave Switzerland in 90 days and I
didn't and we had to have it so I called the office and found out they
had bought and sent the ticket to the other Elder Hunter! Haha so he
was able to fix it and get it to me which was good!! We got to Zurich
and I found my companion and he pretty much grabbed my bag and started
running! We barely caught our train back and we got to frauenfeld and
got picked up by a member named Audrey and her brother Nathaniel. We
went home changed REALLY fast and went to play fussball with the youth
from our ward. It was so much fun and a good way to get to know some
of the ward. They were all really nice and spoke normal German with

Thursday we did a lot of finding both dooring and on the street. We
actually were able to teach two people lessons right there as we met
them. Neither of them had further interest but still good! I really
like street finding a lot more than dooring. People actually talk to
you. Haha we met one lady and when I told her I was from Utah she was
soo stoked. She said she watched the Paralympics when they were in
Utah and I said I had a friend that races in the Paralympics and she
just started firing off questions. Pretty funny. She was really nice
and we will hopefully meet with her again. I really already love the
people here in frauenfeld. The mentality is just different and people
are willing to actually acknowledge that you are there. We have met
some cool people. I don't think it should be to hard to really love
the people here. We also ate dinner at our Gml Andres house and we
were able to really connect because he LOVES climbing. We talked
climbing for a bit and it was really fun!

Friday we ate at the klaumunzners and they are a really funny family.
They have six kids, and the mom is from the states so they all just
speak English at home. We had spheghetti and the whole time bruder
klaumunzner just was making fun of us. He's a funny guy. Then we
helped clean their house for a bit, it is a little messy. But they are
awesome. We just did the dishes and it took about 1 and a half hours.
Haha then we went by on brother Reisner (less active) and talked to
him and just bared testimony of the church and it was really good.
Then we did some more finding and then went to the Hartmans house. The
wife is actually from Hungary and she said that she thinks she might
know grandma and grandpa Bradshaw! Haha but we had a great time there
and for our spiritual thought we tried to make a family mission plan
and honestly it didn't go that well. That is something I really want
to work on here I think is member missionary work. Everybody likes us
and invites us for dinner and stuff but the excitement of missionary
work is very low. I talked about it with our Gml as well and he said
the same. So we will see what we can do.

Saturday we cleaned the church as a ward and it was a fun way to get
to meet a good group if the members. We cleaned for about 6 hours.
Then we went finding for about an hour and then came home for weekly
planning. And watched the testaments. My favorite lds movie. :) haha

Sunday we had a conference for Western Europe where a few general
authorities spoke. It was really good. There is a ton of focus on the
refugees and how big of a blessing it is that they are here where they
finally have the ability to hear about the gospel. It was a really
good conference. I met a lot more members and it was funny I was
talking to one member and I told him I was from alpine Utah and he was
like oh hey one of my old companions is from there and I kinda was
just like well I probably don't know him but who was it. And he was
like his last name is Shubin and I just started cracking up and I just
was like I have been dating his for a while! And he lost it. He was
like man I trained elder Shubin that means you're family! And we
talked about it for a while and he invited us over for dinner and we
had a great time. He actually had Jackson call him and then put me on
the phone and I don't think Jackson noticed me for a second. But then
he did! Haha it was good to talk to him for a second! Then we went
finding the rest of the evening and then headed to the zone leaders
house for a sleepover!!!

Then today we rode the train to Thusis and went and saw the viamala
schlucht and rode scooters to the top of a canyon pass to a church and
then rode our scooters back down! It was a pretty fun p day and the
weather was beautiful. Way cool!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

Jackson Shubin's trainer!!

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