Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello everybody!
It's already Monday. Wow this week felt like it was over in the blink
of an eye. It's crazy how fast the weeks go by. Today we are going to
the eagles nest by Königsee which is hitters house shortly described.
It's up on top of a mountain with a beautiful view. But it's also I
decent drive there so we don't have a ton of email time this week so
it might be a bit shorter. But here we go. There were some fun things
this week and also some really cool things this week. Tuesday was a
crazy day, because Monday everything was closed since it was a
holiday, we had to do all our shopping and everything on Tuesday. So
we had district meeting which was good, then the Ehepaar made us
"lunch" something called the zoo. It was just a big bowl of ice cream
with a bunch of random sweets mixed in. I made us stop on the way home
and get a sandwich and then a made a green smoothie at home. Haha then
we had to hurry and get all our food and everything and get our hair
cut. The hair dresser guy was way cool and actually gave us a referral
which was good. Then we had dinner at Stefan Roths and then had sport
abend with Harry and Andreas and Tobias Dengg. That is always way fun.

On Wednesday we started off the day by taking a birthday present to
Frau Lissi which was just a picture of us with her with a little note
on the back and she was so excited. It was really funny. She then just
talked to us for a while. Showed us all her old stuff her and her
grandson used to use to grow marijuana.... She's great. Haha then we
met with Marek, then went by sister Huber and went for a walk with
her. Then came back and met with Sonja and talked with her about
Patrick. She said she is still just waiting for him to give her a good
answer as to why he wants to be baptized. Then we just went dooring.

On Thursday we had a pretty busy day which was way good! We started at
12 and met with Harry and had a good lesson with him, did some doors
the. Met with Andreas at 2 and talked about the talk why the church
from last conference and he asked some really good questions which was
way cool. Then we doored some more. Then we met with Horst at 6 and
sadly he was not feeling great (but hadn't drank all week.) and his
sister was not able to help him go shopping this week so we offered to
go to the store and buy him some of the essentials. I left him my iPad
and he watched meet the Mormons. He loved that so much. Then after
Horst Sonja invited us to come to a museum opening thing. It was kinda
cool. We just went to make her happy and keep a good relationship. We
just called it our dinner hour.

On Friday we helped set up for a big relief society thing and that
took all morning then we met with Patrick. We had a really good lesson
with him, he still hasn't said he wants to be baptized but we asked
him some pretty blunt questions like "do you believe Thomas S Monson
is a living day prophet?" Do you believe this is Jesus Christs church
restored back to the earth? Etc.  and he said yes and gave really
strong testimony to all of them then it was interspersing at the end
he prayed and was saying thank you for our church here on earth and
for our prophet and apostles and for our ward. It was just funny, he
sounds like he is already a member. Then we came home and did some
weekly planning and then had dinner/ mission correlation at Benny
Malzls house. That was really good.

Saturday was way fun. We just did our studies then we put to the
Kellnersteinmetz for a day of service. We got there at 11 and we
started by power washing the pool and cleaning it out. Closest I'll
get to swimming for two years... Then we started up the grill and had
some Käsewürsts and fried zucchini and salad for lunch. Then Samuel
really put us to work. He had us take out a whole fence and move it
back about a meter so that it was on the actual border of their
property. Each post had a big block of cement on it that we had to dig
out and then dig a whole equally as big to put it back in. We worked
on that until 7:30 and then helped clean it all up and then they took
us to McDonald's (which is sooo much better here) and then we came

Sunday was sooo cool in church. Ever since I have been here we have
been working with Harry trying to get him the priesthood and there was
always just something holding him back and making it just not happen
but this week he was finally ordained a priest. Bishop announced it in
sacrament and had him stand up and he just had the biggest smile ever.
He is such a good guy. I was/am stoked for him. Then after church we
went to the Kellnersteinmetz AGAIN for lunch (not complaining). We
made cordon bleu. And I have to say... We did a dang good job. Haha
and breaded mushrooms as well. It was a good lunch. They had invited
to non member friends as well and we got to teach a lesson. They were
really nice and listened and asked questions and everything. It was
great. Then we came home and did studies and finished weekly planning!

Now today we had a district p day and we went to the kehlstein haus.
(Eagles nest) sadly it was super foggy so we didn't get to see the
amazing view from the top but we did get to see a lot of really cool
historical stuff. We went through the WW2 museum and it was kinda cool
to listen to some of Adolf Hitlers speeches and actually understand a
lot of it. He was a very angry man. The history of ww2 is really so
sad. There was just so much evil. But it is good to learn about. Then
we went shopping and got all our food and everything now we are just
doing some emails!!

I had a great week this week and it is crazy to think there is only 1
more week in this transfer! And it was even a 7 week transfer. But
next week I will know if I get to stay here in Neumarkt for two more
or if I will be headed somewhere else! Guess we will see!! Hope you
all have a great week!! I love you all!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

The pictures are of 1)the fence we took apart and rebuilt, 2) the cutest little girl we got to spend all day with, 3)Harry (the newest priest in Gemeinde Neumarkt), and 4)the saddest text saying some members were cancelling on a hike early in the morning.

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