Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello everybody!! This week was awesome!
On Tuesday we had district meeting which was way fun because we
celebrated all the elders in our districts birthdays because they were
all within a week of each other. Three of them being on the same day.
Haha pretty funny coincidence. But before we celebrated we had a
really good meeting, we talked a lot about becoming "masters of the
message" which just means really being able to understand and know the
message we are sharing so that as we try to share it with others we
really understand it ourselves and can bear real honest testimony. I
talked about a little bit different part of it that I found in preach
my gospel that intrigued me. It said that as we teach the
understanding of the people we teach will be influenced by our own
personal worthiness. I found that really interesting and honestly
something I didn't really think about. But if we are not worthy of the
Holy Ghost then the real teacher is not there and nothing is truly
"learned". It was interesting to think about. Then we had a great time
going by our good old Marek. We taught him about the priesthood and he
liked that a lot. I guess he had never learned much about it... Haha
good thing to be taught. Then we had sport abend and played fußball.
On Wednesday we had a really interesting day. We woke up did our
studies then went into Salzburg to teach a girl named Tomara. The
lesson went well. It was nothing special just a good lesson. Then we
came back to meet with Sonja who had called us the day before saying
she really needs to talk to us about something so we were obviously
curious as to what it was. We met with her and she told us the Patrick
told her he wants to be baptized. Which is amazing but she is worried
he has the wrong motivation for it. She said if it is for the right
reasons then she supports him but that she needs to see that first.
She is worried he only wants to be baptized so that he can become a
deacon. Which is awesome that he excited about that. But we need to
just talk to him and see where he is really at. We decided we will
just go through the interview questions with him and see how sincere
he is about it. It's hard to really judge with a ten year old kid. We
will see. Then we had a lesson that a old investigator actually set up
for us and she is a English teacher and we were really excited about
it but then Frau Jerey made us teach it is English to a guy that
speaks fluent German and barely understands English. We soon figured
out she was just using us as her teachers for his tutoring session.
That was kind of annoying but whatever. We gave him a Book of Mormon
and at the end bore quick testimony in German that he understood and
hopefully he got something from it. Then we did finding the rest of
the day! We found one really solid potential named terra. We will see
where that goes!

On Thursday we had a pretty interesting day. We were invited to the
stake sport day in Salzburg. We went and were able to bring a new
member and an investigator (Harry and Andreas) and we played sport
from 10-4 o'clock. Haha we played 4 straight hours of fußball, I did a
little training session with a few members training for an ironman,
then we slack lined for a bit. It was way fun hanging out with the
members and meeting the rest of the stake in a fun way like that. Also
way good to get an investigators there having a ton of fun! Great pre
birthday party!! Haha after that we came home and met with a less
active member and then met with Fabian and had a really great lesson
on the plan of salvation. I really see him making a lot of progress. I
am just waiting for it all to click for him. He's a great kid.
Then the birthday! Friday! Haha how often do you get companions that
have the same birthday at the same time of their birthdays!! It was
way fun haha. We celebrated together. We opened a few packages in the
morning and read letters from family and friends. The letters are
always the very best part. Then Frau Lissi called us and told us she
made us some birthday brunch. So we went and ate and talked with her.
She gave me some cloths from her cousin that he gave to her... Haha
then we went to the top of a big hill to do our studies before going
and playing füßball with Harry and teach him a lesson. We had a great
time and great lesson. Then we did weekly planning for a bit, called
some people, went finding, then went to a members house for dinner.
They grilled a bunch of meat for us! Steak, käsewürsts wrapped in
bacon, ribs, corn, potatoes, and Kool aid! Haha they spoiled us! And
the whole time I just got to play with their little girl named Tara
who is just a year and a half old and the funniest/cutest girl ever.
Then they gave us both a t shirt with part of the Austrian national
anthem on it! Way cool! Then Sonja surprised us with a birthday cake
and a couple presents! Haha she is too nice! To bad the cd she gave me
doesn't have any church songs... Haha some sweet German rap though!
Good for when I get home! German rap is the coolest! Haha then she
also gave us some aloe plant because we both got very burnt this
week... Very. Haha it was an AMAZING birthday.

Saturday we met with Andreas and had a great lesson about the tree of
life and what it means exactly and related it to out lives today and
then I rode his unicycle for a bit which was way fun. Then we went and
visited Horst and went over his reading plan and what he had read
between last time and this time and discussed it all and all the main
points, then we read a chapter together and talked about it. Me and
Elder Jensen both have the feeling we need to talk to him about
forgiving his parents which is going to honestly be really a very
sensitive subject because his parents were horrible to him. I don't
honestly think I could say I would forgive them ether. But we both
have gotten the feeling that is really what is holding him back. So
hopefully we can talk about that and really have the spirit help us.
He is such a good guy and literally the happiest most friendly guy in
the world. He just has had a crazy hard life. But then we went to the
Denggs house and celebrated our birthdays and also Michael Denggs
birthday who was also on the 6th. There family is so awesome. I love

On Sunday it was Mother's Day! One of the days all missionaries look
forward to! Haha we had a great day at church, a very busy day but a
very good day! We were supposed to teach the investigator class but
then someone asked us to teach one of the primary classes for a bit
and so Elder Jensen taught the investigator class and I taught the
primary class. I defiantly got the best part! I got to hang out with
them for about a half hour and teach about missionary work and do a
few simple role plays, then I went back to the investigator class and
translated for the English speakers in the class. Then after the class
two of the kids ran into the room and jumped up onto the chair next to
me and gave me a big hug and one kissed my cheek. Haha very unexpected
but it was so funny. There are so many kids in this ward. I love it.
Then we got to help out in primary for third hour! After church we
went to the Albrechts house and had lunch and talked with them and
gave a spiritual thought about mothers and then we went to the church
to talk to our families on Skype! It was so much fun to talk to
everyone and see that everybody was doing so well and hear all your
voices and see all your faces! 2 of 4 calls home are already done!
Crazy! Haha

Today we just did our shopping the. Went and hiked Drachenwand again
because it's way cool and elder Jensen had not done it yet! It was way
pretty than we visited Horst on our way back and now we are about to
go to a members house for dinner!! Great week!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

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