Monday, May 16, 2016

This week we were a little slow and didn't meet with as many people as
I wish we would have but we did honestly use our time well! It was a
good week for sure!

Tuesday we went into Salzburg for zone training! It is always way fun
to all come together and just talk and be together as missionaries.
You all just have a connection no matter how different you are. It's
cool to see! But it was a really good training. We talked a lot about
mastering the message and did a lot of things with that including a
test to see how well we know all the lessons and finding a scripture
that goes with each point without using anything. I need to work on
that a bit more.. Haha we also talked a lot about having the Holy
Ghost there and what we need to be doing to really have that. It
really was great! Then afterwards a bunch of us went to Burgerista to
eat some American food! Haha we all got burgers and fries and drank
lemonade! It was great! I talked a lot with a guy named Elder Kaufusi
(i think I butchered his name) BUT he is way cool. He has a
scholarship at BYU to play football once he gets home, and he is just
super cool and a fun guy to be around. His brother just barely signed
with the Ravens. Haha I don't follow football much but that's still
pretty cool! Then we went back to Bahnhof to head home and we saw
Horst at Bahnhof, sadly he was super drunk and almost didn't even
recognize us. But we talked to him and helped him get to his train and
got him on his way home. After he realized it was us you could tell he
was really ashamed. He is trying so hard but he just needs to keep
going. We're on his side! Haha after that we had just area book work,
studies, and calling then we had sport abend! It was way fun this week
and we had a good lesson and played some füßball and it was way fun.
Right as we were about to leave Tobius was like hey look and he showed
me his phone and Harvey was there in Skype!! Haha I was kinda bad and
talked to him for a second and just saw how he was doing. But it was
way cool to see him again and catch up for a few seconds. He is a good

Wednesday we met with Tomara in Salzburg and talked to her about the
plan of salvation and just talked about it and read some scriptures. I
don't really feel a ton of true intent from her but we will keep
trying a bit longer. Then we came back and helped Frau Lissi. That is
always fun! Haha then we did some dooring in straßwalchen and nobody
was really interested but we had some great discussions. Then we went
to Markus Malzls house with Harry and Andreas like we normally do on
Wednesdays and it went well! We had a good time. We taught them about
personal revelation and then talked to Harry about him talking to
bishop about reciving the priesthood. Then we played ping pong! I am
so bad at ping pong it's ridiculous. Hahahah but I have a great time
doing it and we have lots of fun! Elder Jensen slammed into what he
though was the wall and ended up shattering a glass light fixture.
Hahaha that was funny.

On Thursday we just had two appointments and a lot of finding planned,
then the weather went from raining to a straight shower to crazy
hail!! Haha we were driving down the road and it was like a river and
you couldn't see anything!! Haha it was pretty funny and pretty
awesome. Luckily right as we went to go finding it died back down just
a little bit. And we found the rest of the night in the rain! I
actually kinda enjoyed it though! It was a good finding method! People
felt bad for us and would talk to us! Haha everybody thinks we are JWs
though!! Haha we found a few potentials though which was really
awesome. We met with Horst as well and he is trying so hard. We read
in the Book of Mormon and just saw how he's doing.

Friday we had our correlation meeting and that went really well! Then
we met with Patrick and we were really hoping this would be THE
lesson. We taught about baptism and had bishop there and had a really
good lesson but he's still just not quite ready. But the whole lesson
he was quoting articles of faith and talking about the general
conference talks he watch and it was crazy. Haha this kid is TEN!! But
he has a really good knowledge of everything I think he just really
needs to receive a answer that this is what he needs to do. Then we
found for a while and then went to the Brunners house, they have 3
crazy little boys and a brand new baby girl. The kids are so funny and
so loud! I loved it! We shared a short thought and then talked for a
while and headed home!

Saturday we played basketball with the members and had a lot of fun
then we went and gave Horst a sick blessing. It is really cool how
much faith he has in the power of the priesthood. Then we went finding
for a few hours with not a ton of success but we covered a lot of
ground! Just got to sort out the people who are ready and who needs a
little more time. Then we came home and did our studies and weekly
planning the rest of the day!

Sunday we had a great day at church, we taught the lesson in the
investigator class and talked about the signs of the second coming and
it is crazy as you study all of that you realize the seriously almost
all of them have already happened or are happening! It was a really
good lesson though and it was really cool for me to study too! Just
goes to show you want to ALWAYS be prepared! Then after church we went
to the Kellnersteinmetz and had a grilling party, he just let us pick
whatever meet we wanted and throw in on the grill! It was so good and
we ate sooo much haha it was awesome. After that we came back to the
church to help set up for the baptism of two kids in the ward! It was
really good!

Today is a holiday so nothing is open and it's really rainy outside so
we are just chillin at the church playing games and emailing all day!
Haha just a day to relax! It was a good week and I hope you all had a
great week as well! Love you all so much!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

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