Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello everybody!!
This week has been a good one and a pretty interesting one. Monday was
great and we had a really great last p day together. We got incredibly
sunburnt but it was worth it. We gained 2200 meters one way! Pretty
sweet! Then we went to Czieslas and had dinner and it was great. Then
on Tuesday we had district meeting and I taught about baptism and
helping people get to baptism. It is always fun to study all the
different topics and you always learn something new. But what I would
say what was for me the most important is that it is not that baptism
is honestly even the most important convenant we make it is just the
first and that's why it is focused on so much but it is just the
entering into the straight and narrow and there is still a lot to do
afterwards that is equally important. After district meeting we went
to Andres for lunch and Gmk. Afterwards he let us shoot his pellet gun
for a bit which was fun! Then we went to the klaumunzners and ate
dinner there and went to a big look out tower and climbed up it. It
was way cool. As we were hiking I was talking to sister klaumunzner
and she was so nice and offered to give Elder Mikulenka a new pair of
shoes before he left and we made a plan for her to come by in the
morning. Wednesday morning she came and gave him the shoes and he was
so happy it was like a kid at Christmas. It was really cool and nice
of her! Then we headed to Zurich for transfers. It is always fun with
all the changes and excitement and seeing everybody. Elder Mikulenka
met his comp pretty quick and they took off back to their area. Then I
waited until my comp showed up from Stuttgart. He finally showed up
and he is so tiny! Haha not in a mean way but he is so small. I feel
like it's my little brother that's older than me. We headed back to
our area and let him unpack a bit then Roger from Sankt Galen picked
us up to go BACK to Zurich to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. That
was really cool, we had Suveybe there with us (she is an old
investigator) and she really enjoyed it a lot which was awesome and
also the girlfriend from Nanu Klaumunzner was there. I met sister
Gehris during the intermission and got a very nice little package from
my family with some treats and some sweet letters in it! (Thank you
everyone that wrote letters) :) then the concert ended about 9:45 or
ten and then we got a ride home with the fuhrers. It was funny because
I saw somebody from Neumarkt that was only there my first transfer and
it was weird to actually speak semi okay German with him.

On Thursday
we had our first full day together as companions. Me and Elder Stomps.
He is a good guy.  haha then we had an appointment
with an older couple and they were really nice. We will be meeting
with them again beginning of August. After the lesson we went and
played fussball with the YSA group and it was way fun. It was a
smaller group as usual because it's summer and so many people are gone
but it was still way fun. I have only been here for one transfer and
seriously I just love the ward so much. So many really cool just nice
caring people. I will be really sad to go this next transfer. On
Friday we did weekly planning which is always rough for me. Planning
is extremely boring but also very important. Then we went to the
church to download the new area book app. It is pretty cool but will
deffinatly take some time to get used to and also take a lot of time
to transfer all the records. Changing three records took me almost an
hour and we have hundreds of records. Haha then we went to Czieslas to
help them get rid of all their food before they go out of town... :)
then came home. On Saturday we went to wintertour and sang with the
sisters and a few people from the ward there at two rest homes. It was
so fun how happy it made the older people there. We sang some Swiss
German songs and man they sound crazy. Haha we also had to sing a song
in French. It was a lot of fun. We got to also give one of the members
a blessing because she is having foot problems. I always love having
the opportunity to give people blessings and knowing God is working
through me in that second. Then we got to find in wintertour for a few
minutes waiting for our train. Then we went finding in frauenfeld

Also this week in frauenfeld was a big hip hop festival
(biggest one in Europe) and it was seriously crazy so many people were
here. The streets were just lined. I kinda felt like I was serving in
the hood with all these kinda scrappy people half naked blasting rap
music and the whole city just smelled like marijuana. It was
interesting and funny for a few days but I am happy it's over. Then on
Sunday we had church and it was really good. Nanus girlfriend came
with him and stayed all three hours. After church we went to
Klaumunznrs house and ate lunch and got talking with Nanu and Rahel
and she agreed to hear the first lesson. It actually went really well
and she asked a lot of questions. It was cool for Nanu to get to help
teach her and you could really feel the spirit especially when he
would explain something to her. Really cool lesson. Then we went
straight to fuhrers and had a BBQ with all the YSA, if you haven't
noticed we do a lot with YSA in frauenfeld. It's way cool! We had a
BBQ and played some games and did a little spiritual thought. It was
great. The game we played is when you have to talk and try to get the
others to guess what the word is without saying the word but we played
the extreme version where you get brownies and candies stuffed in your
mouth while you try to talk. Haha it was hilarious. Today we just went
to Konstanz to go shopping because it is WAY cheaper there and now we
are getting our hair cut. It was a fun chill P day. Hopefully we can
have a good week this week here and even more hopefully you all have a
wonderful week this week!! I love you all so much. Thanks for all that
you do!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

                        Me and Elder Mikulenka at motab concert. Comp reunion   (after 1/2 a day)
Us with our GML (ward mission leader)

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