Monday, July 18, 2016

Tuesday was great we had zone training and it was so fun to see
everybody there. Me, Elder Bybee, and Elder Nielson were all there and
all three of us were comps with Elder Harvey. So we took a picture and
sent it to him. Zone training was really good and I loved the theme of
it. We talked mostly about how missionary work should not be boring,
routine, everyday the same work. We need to learn to try new things,
try talking to people different ways, be creative. Our zone goal this
transfer is "to kill the robot.". It is so easy to just get stuck in
the routine of missionary life but when you just settle in with that a
lot of times you stop pushing yourself and you just settle in. I don't
want to do that, I want to have fun, I want to try my best everyday
and not just go through the motions! It was really good. I liked it!
Then me and Elder Stomps got to teach about studies and how we can
improve our studies. I think it went really well. We just talked about
where does a good study start? Then we talked about planning our
studies, praying for help in our studies, and having a good morning
routine so you are ready to go at 8 to start studying (I know I just
contradicted myself..) then we focused a lot on comp study and talked
about how it's really a chance to actually teach each other and learn
so much more than we would alone and then how we can use our companion
studies effectively. I think it went really well. :) we also watched a
talk during zone training from Jefferey R Holland and it related
missionary work with the atonement of Christ. He talked about why
missionary work has to be hard and why we have to be challenged. It is
so that in the smallest way possible we can feel just a small part of
what Christ felt. He said "missionary work is not easy, because
salvation is not easy, it never was easy!" That really touched me and
it really made me just want to work harder. It was a great Zone
tRaining. After that we headed back to Wil and taught Yvone. She has
never really had a strong faith in anything and she hopes that God is
there and she hopes for a lot. But we talked with her and just told
her she doesn't have to hope she can know. She just has to ask. We
committed her to just pray and ask if God is even there and then go
from there. She was very shocked with the idea because it was so
simple but she said she will do it. Then we just spent the rest of the
day going by on people. On Wednesday the day started out really good,
we went and ran with Nanu and Audrey and me and Nanu did intervals on
the track. We did 6x400 on 4 minute interval and were holding like
67-69 the whole time. I was DYING. I threw up after the forth... Haha
but it was great. Other than that we had a pretty boring day, we just
had to go to Zurich to anmeld (register) Elder stomps. That took a
really long time. Then we finally came home and just went by some
potentials but nobody was home. Thursday we had planned most of our
day to a service project that didn't end up happening. So instead
elder Stomps decided he wanted to cook banana bread and so he did that
and then we took it to a few members. Then we went by Bruder Riesen
and talked with him for a while and shared a spiritual thought on
"gods will not ours" and he shared some really personal and really
touching stories. It was really cool. Then we just went and tried to
catch some less actives at home finding along the way. Nobody is home
right now because everybody is on vacation!
Friday was pretty boring we just did all our studies and then went out
finding for a bit and found one really nice lady from Peru, she said
she would meet with us and also gave us the numbers of three of her
friends and her mother in law to try to meet with them as well. That
was cool. We will see how they turn out. Then we went home and did our
weekly planning and ate some lunch/dinner and then we went and played
soccer with the YSA and Mario was there and we got there early with
him and taught him a lesson. Saturday was a mix up but way good. We
went running with Audrey in the morning and then afterwards ate
pancakes and had a mission prep class together. It went really well.
Then we went to the Kudrnac real quick just to see how they are doing
and we caught them at just the right time and gave a spiritual
thought. Then we headed out to Steckborn to go by on a less active
family and do some finding. I had never been there before but it is a
way cool city. It's right on the Bodensee and is just a cool little
town. I liked it. We didn't have any success but at least the
surroundings were good! :) on Sunday we had a great day. We had church
in the morning and it was way good. I really enjoyed the talks in
sacrament meeting and then for the second hour the girl teaching it
got sick in sacrament and so we got to teach that lesson. It went
pretty well for about 10 min prep. Haha :) we just talked about Joseph
Smith and his life. He is seriously so amazing and had to suffer so
much in order to restore this church on the earth for us. I love
studying Joseph and his life and really just trying to see him in real
life through my imagination. After church we went to the Diethelms for
lunch and both of their inactive sons were there with there none
member girlfriends. We got to teach a small spiritual thought just
about God and they all participated in it which was really cool. We
had a great lunch (bread with blue cheese and garlic and all kinds of
stuff. So goood). After lunch we all were just talking around the pool
and talking and then the two sons thought it would be funny to push me
in. Haha it was pretty funny. I was obedient though and got right out.
It was tempting to stay for a bit... Haha I was soaked. But I think I
was able to really build a good relationship with the two of them and
we had lots of fun which was good. After that we went by the
Wichterman family to pick up a backpack for today for Elder Stomps. We
got there and they asked us if we wanted to play a round of Wizard and
so we did and then we played a round of dido dog as well and had
dessert and then we shared a fun activity/thought with the kids. It
was way fun. Today we are going back to Pizol because Elder Stomps saw
the pictures and really wanted to go so now we are headed back. Haha.
Then afterwards a member invited us to go to this Mexican restaurant.
Should be a fun day!!  Only four more weeks here in
frauenfeld and I am actually already dreading that I am leaving. The
ward here is seriously already like family. They are just so open and
friendly and just great people. I am just going to love and enjoy the
time I do have left though. :) I hope you all had a wonderful week as
well.  Love you!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter
 Top of Pizol again!!

I was thrown into the swimming pool by two boys that we were visiting!

Making pancakes after our morning run!

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