Friday, December 25, 2015

HI Mom and family! I miss you all so much! to start, we are only able to call for christmas and I will have 30 minutes and I am calling at 3 my time! I am glad to hear that everyone is liking their Christmas gifts! Hopefully they think of me when they wear them! I am jealous of the snow! their is nothing but rain here. we have had two days of sunshine. haha but i still love it. just my luck that this season will be a good ski season!

What is your comps name?
Now to start on the questions, My comps name is Elder Price and he is from El Paso, Texas.

How many Elders there are going to your mission?
Our whole district is going to my mission so there are six of us right now then their will be a few native elders going to our mission that will show up I believe on the 7th.

P-days are pretty awesome we wake up, have breakfast, then go to the temple, then we have free time till lunch at 12. After that we go to ASDA which is pretty much just Europes Walmart. Then we have free time until 6. I usually just do my laundry and take an hour or so nap and then we go play rugby or volleyball! then after six its back to studying!

What do I enjoy the most and the least?
 Hmm that one is hard because it is kind of the same answer for both which is learning German.... haha

How is the food?
It is Really really good!! But it is also pretty healthy! they keep things pretty balanced!  Today we had speghetti and meatballs for lunch!

Anything Funny?
Nothing toooooo bad yet but I was teaching a lesson with our investigator named Moritz and I said "Jesus Christus getot fur uns" trying to say that Christ died for us but i said that Christ murdered for us.... oops. haha

Do we speak mostly english or German?
It is hard because we are supposed to speak as much German as possible but everybody besides our group speaks english. So we just try to speak German when we are in our District.

But everything is going great and this last week seriously FLEW by! I hope everyone is doing well and that everyones has ein super weinachten!! I love you all!

Elder Hunter  

 Me and Elder Kapolnasi from Hungary!

 Some of the chocolate in our room!
 This is Elder Mulonga! He is seriously the best!

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