Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Guten Tag!!

This was a fun week! Christmas in the MTC is very different but such a cool experience and they took really good care of us!! We had a lot of really good food.  The language just continues to slowly make its way upwards and i am slowly becoming a little bit more functional!! I feel like i am finally starting to understand the word order and what not.  Learning a language this quickly will be hard no matter what but something that actually helped just now reading through all my emails was a quote from Elder Eyring that said something along the lines of "as long as you are on the right path it will be an uphill path." I probably just butchered that but you get the idea.  I really like it because it describes a mission perfectly. It would be so much easier just to go home and start school and move on with life, but it would not be in the direction I want to go. So in order to stay going the direction I want to I need to keep working hard on the uphill battle! hopefully all that makes sense!!:)
                                          All the people that are here in the MTC this week
This guys name is Elder Charles and he is so awesome. He is one of our area 70s and has spoken to us twice and will come one more time before I leave! every time he speaks it is super powerful and it is so awesome. This Sunday I got called on to give a talk. the way they do sacrament is they tell everyone the weeks topic then everyone has to prepare a talk and then president just calls 5 people at the beginning of sacrament. haha but yeah I got called and it was on Obedience. Dont worry its because I have been so obedient not because i have been bad.... haha but it went really well!! First talk of my mission, Vertig!! alright im leaving now. I love you!! bye!! talk to you all soon!!
      Elder Bell and I! We both swear we know each other from somewhere but can't figure it out!

               Some of my all tume favorite people...but they are all serving in the England mission.

Now time for the questions!! 

Have you heard anything about how your visa is coming?

Nope! I just havent even thought about it, im guessing they are going okay because we havent heard anything. haha I hope.

 Do you have travel arrangements yet to go to the mission home? Will you fly? 

I have not heard anything about it but i am sure we will be flying there.  I dont think we will know until like a couple days before we leave!

Can you list all the names of the people in your district for me so I can place them all?

There is Me, Elder Price (my companion), Elder Hudson and Elder Moffatt, and Elder Young and Elder Cornetta.

What was your favorite part of Christmas in the MTC?...besides talking to us haha

My favorite part of Christmas was probably the dinner! They made a full on Christmas feast for us and had like lined up all the tables in a big circle and gave us all our own bottle of Martenelis type stuff and gave us  a lot of like little poppers and balloons and stuff and we all just talked and had a lot of fun! Then we watched the Christmas Devotional and it was really really good! I loved it. I could swear I saw Lauren in the crowd there, but it might have just been my imagination!! haha 

Can you share any neat experiences that happened to you this week?

Nothing super neat this week. But there was one quote from Elder Bednar I believe that said " If we knew who we were before this life, We would be sad we didnt try harder." so that has just kind of been my inspiration the last couple of days!!

What is your favorite part of each day?

hmmmm my favorite part of the days are just at any point in the day when you just have those moments that you get it!! haha I also strangely enough love singing hymns in German. Its fun! 

Well There it is!  I also would like to encourage everybody to try to read the book of mormon daily and make sure that instead of just reading make sure to really study it. I would also really encourage starting a study journal as that has been something that has really helped me while being here.  

I love you all!! I hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a very happy New Year!!


Elder Kade Hunter

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