Friday, December 25, 2015

I am here at the Preston mtc safe and sound! it was a very long day of travel but it was all very smooth and I actually had the chance to give a book of mormon within the first hour at the SLC airport to a man named Ricky. haha he looked like will smith from the pursuit of happiness and he smelled so strongly of weed but we talked for close to an hour and he was very excited to read it. he also had a pin on his shirt that said I love Jesus... haha but who knows maybe it will be a good thing! well I only had a few minutes and my P days are wednesdays! I am glad that you got nathan to settle down! well i am going to have my first interview with President Preston of the Preston MTC. hahah too many ironic things. But I love you all so much and miss you already.
By the way the MTC is beautiful and everyone is so nice! I love you and no pictures yet! sorrry. 

Love Elder Hunter

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