Monday, February 8, 2016

This week was awesome. It started off really slow and not good and
just got better and better! Monday was all good. But then Tuesday we
just got super thrown off because a New convert named Marek needed
help moving his stuff from Braunau to Oberhofen which is like a 45
minutes drive so we drove him all the way there and we're going to
help him clean out his old house (a shipping container like you would
see on a train) and once we got there he refused to clean out his
container and just got super upset with us and told us he was staying
and to leave. So we left and just got breakfast at a bäckerei and then
drove home. So we wasted two hours and almost 200 km first thing in
the morning. Haha then the rest of the day was just off. Then
Wednesday we had Distrikt Versammlung and went into Salzburg for that
and it was super good. We talked a lot about having Christ like love
and talked about that we have to try and look at people the way Christ
would. Then we had an amazing burrito lunch that the Ehepaar made for
us. Then we had a few teaching appointments that all went good. We
found out Sonja, Patrick's mom, is a total hippy in our lesson with
her which was pretty funny. I was able to relate with her about the
peace that we can feel in the mountains and away from everything. I
really think she has huge potential.
Then on Thursday it was just a pretty normal day. Nothing good or bad.
Then Friday was rough. We started the day good. We did the p90x
challenge again with the pull ups and push ups and we almost got our
goal of 16 pull ups and 29 push ups! Haha then we went finding and did
some tür zu tür then at 14 we had a lesson with Patrick and we invited
a member to come with us to teach him and that was a bad idea. Patrick
is only ten years old but he is freaking smart. He started asking
crazy deep doctrinal questions and me and Elder Harvey were kinda just
like yeah we can talk more about that in a later lesson and tried to
bring it back but then our joint teach took off on some very illogical
and horribly explained doctrine and at one point even accidentally
said that God is not almighty. Wow it was bad. Haha but it's okay.
That just threw us off because we were planning on doing weekly
planning but it sucks to sit at your desk for three hours trying to
optimistically plan for a whole week after a lesson like that. But we
did it and literally right as we said amen in our closing prayer after
planning our favorite members called and asked if we wanted some food
because they cooked too much. Haha God rewards us when we are
Then Saturday was a pretty different day. We actually played
basketball all morning with the members and it was really good we
strengthened our relationship a lot with those that were there then we
did all our studies then we had kinder fashing which was super fun and
we had the chance to talk to a lot of the kids non member parents and
we found a couple people that could be really good! And also it was so
fun we were in charge of one of the aktivitäts and the kids here I
swear are all so cute. Then Sunday was the best day of the week by
far. We had two investigators at church and both of them did a full 24
hour fast and paid a fast offering which was awesome! Then we met with
Herr Meingast and the fed us and we spoke about the Book of Mormon and
he said he knows it is a true book and that it is direct revelation
from God. We extended a loose baptismal invitation and he gave a loose
yes. Haha we will see but he is so nice and very intelligent and
religious. Then we went to Hoarsts house because he was in so much
pain he couldn't get out of bed. I had the opportunity to give my
first priesthood blessing in German. It was really cool because before
we started i just apologized for my German and he said it's okay God
understands all languages. I thought that was really cool and helped
me realize truly all I am is the mouthpiece and god knows what Hoarst
needs and everything is good.  Afterwards we actually were even able
to teach a short lesson and he was sitting up and seemed like he was
in less pain. It was really cool!!  Then we had a second dinner
appointment and ate way too much food in a short two hour period. Then
we went and taught David he is from Russia, but it was such a good
lesson. We gave him the Book of Mormon about a week ago and he is
already at the end of second Nephi! Crazy! We extended a baptismal
invitation for April 2nd and he said yes!! He is the coolest guy. I
really like him. The only problem is he has to ask his dad who is a
orthodox minister I believe is what is said. So pray for David. Haha

Then today we went to a lake Kunigsee and it was so cool. We saw The
Eagles Nest up on the mountain and then we hiked to something called
the Eiskapela (ice chapel) it was super pretty and was just like a
circle of mountains with snow. Super cool! And of course we hiked it
in our lederhosen!! Haha all in all a very good week!
Elder Hunter

                                                                     Hiltler's Rock

      Elder Hunter and Hunter

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