Friday, February 26, 2016

Guten Morgen!

Well this week was a little bit different because I was dying coughing
this week and just had a constant headache. It was rough haha. But I
also learned a lot from it this week. Elder Harvey wouldn't let me get
out of bed so I slept a lot this week and we tried to stay inside as
much as possible since it's still pretty cold. But on Tuesday and
Wednesday I just slept in till like 9, did companion study and said I
would do language and personal later then went to appointments. I did
do my personal study but it was very short and not as meaningful as I
wish it would have been and it was crazy the difference I felt missing
just two days of good personal study. I felt like I was just lacking
so badly. It made me decide that no matter what I always want to have
good meaningful studies. It's really so cool how much better you feel
the spirit and the wholeness of the gospel when you make the effort to
invite it each morning.
Even though I was sick it was still a really good week. We still
taught 14 lessons this week and we worked hard. We did a lot of area
book work and had hardly any success haha but we were able to clean up
the area a lot and make the area book a little more useful now.
I also finally applied for my Visa this week so now I can finally be
legal! Haha
We met with T and we kind of dropped her as an investigator for
now because while she is living at home she really can't make any
progress and she is not really putting forth any effort to make
progress either. But we decided we are going to try going by her house
and talking to her mom and seeing if maybe she will open up to it at
all. Then we also met with D who earlier this week called his dad
to talk to him about him investigating our church and tell him he is
thinking about baptism. I guess that did not go well. His dad told him
that being baptized twice is a Huge sin and that if he does it he will
disown him as his son and not talk to him anymore. It's hard because
D has gotten answers and he has told us he knows all of this is
true and he wants to be baptized and he is willing to quit smoking and
drinking but he said he can't do it if his dad says no. So it's hard
to find the right balance of making sure he knows how important family
relationships are and that we would never want family bonds to be
broken to be baptized but also telling him that if he knows it is all
true and everything that maybe he needs to take a step and just trust
in the Lord. So that's where we are with D. All our other
investigators are just continuing as normal in the lessons and making
progress. Nothing huge this week. We have about six progressing
investigators this week which is good!
I have found this past week that the best way to learn a language is
to throw any pride you have out the window and just look like an
idiot. Even if you have no idea how to say something just try it. And
every once in a while people understand you!! Haha but really. The
times where I notice the most progress in my language is when I really
push myself to speak German with everybody even though everybody here
can speak English. Haha it was also really interesting. We met one
girl from Northern Germany and wow it was CRAZY the difference in the
language. She was speaking Hoch Deutsch which is what most people
speak there and it was soooo much easier to understand. Haha I didn't
realize how heavy the dialect was until then. So it makes me feel a
little better. Haha here they tend to kind of slur words together and
leave off endings of words and yeah... It's hard to understand
sometimes. Especially H and A. Mostly A though
he is a investigator and he is 45 and wants to be baptized but his
parents won't let him. He still lives at home because 10 years
ago he
got in a really bad car crash and is now pretty heavily handicapped.
Which is why is German is so hard to understand. Because first his
dialect is a little slurred but then because he has some mental
handicaps he slurs it even more. Haha even Elder Harvey rarely
understands him. Haha but he's awesome. This week was great and I love
you all!!

Liebe grüße,
Elder Hunter

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