Tuesday, February 16, 2016

        This week was awesome!! It felt like a really slow week work wise but
it was seriously so good. We got 15 lessons, 4 new investigators, we
had 7 investigators in sacrament, seriously just everything was so
good plus we had so much fun this week. I really think it just goes to
show that if you have fun and you truly love the work and have a good
attitude you will have success. We honestly played a lot this week but
every time we were doing something we were having fun we had our
purpose in mind and brought it out in a fun way! But don't worry we
were still obedient!! :) haha but I think that is one of the biggest
things I have learned this week is that truly you need to be happy in
order to ever be successful. If you are miserable nobody will talk to
you let alone agree to meet with you. We seriously just joke around
with people and talk honestly about things and somehow the gospel
always comes into play. If you really are just genuinely interested in
what they are saying the words come! A little rough in German but they
still come.
      It is also so amazing to see how HUGE member missionary work is.
People that are recommended and brought to us by there member friends
are so so much more welcoming and willing to listen and be open to the
message of the gospel because the door was opened by a friend rather
than two guys knocking on their door with broken German asking them to
listen to our message. I would like to ask everybody that gets this
email especially my family to really try to reach out to others in
service and friendship and extend the invitation to learn more about
this amazing gospel, tell them how it's blessed your life, share a
scripture, anything! You'll never know until you try and you feel so
good giving people the opportunity to hear something that you know is
so correct and such a huge blessing.
      We also had Zone training this week which was really good! We talked
about finding, the Book of Mormon, but my favorite thing we talked
about was personal conversion. This was something that for me was very
close to me. Before my mission I really took the gospel for granted
and I never really read or honestly even said meaningful prayers if I
prayed at all. I started trying harder as I decided I wanted to go on
a mission but I still took it for granted and I had this grand idea
that I would go to the MTC and gain a perfect testimony, know with all
my heart that it's true, and know all the lessons. Little did I know I
would be almost at the end of my first transfer in the field barely
knowing the first and second lesson, really still working on my
testimony, and I have realized I don't KNOW that all of it is true,
but that's okay. I don't need to have a perfect knowledge all I need
to do is have faith that all of this is true. Alma 32: 21 is perfect
for this. I guess what I am getting at is that the gospel is something
that we could learn something new about every single day for the rest
of our lives. I am realizing being on a mission that it is so true
that the gospel is so simple a child can understand it but so complex
you could spend a lifetime studying it and still not get all of it. So
we can not feel inadequate when we feel a little behind or maybe even
a little disconnected. All we can do is move forward in faith and
continue to strengthen our testimonies.
      Everything here in Neumarkt is great and the weather is getting a
little warmer and the air is a little clearer and wow the mountains
look amazing. We bought Elder Harvey some running shoes so now we
switch off every morning between p90x and running! We have generally
been running about 5 miles whenever we do run and we hold at like
7:30-7:45 pace! It's awesome and I need to take advantage of it while
I have a companion that will do it with me! On Valentine's Day we had
an awesome day. We had a ton of investigators at church and also
potluck after church. Then also made schnitzel and of course we wore
lederhosen and listened to some Austrian Yodeling music. Haha it was
pretty great. And also can't forget that it was Lauren's birthday!!
Happy birthday!! All is going well here and I am so happy and I feel
like I learn about a million things a day. Missionary work is very
hard but seriously so rewarding and can be really fun if you make it
fun. :)
Alle mein liebe,
Elder Kade Hunter

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