Monday, February 1, 2016


This week was full of ups and downs! Monday we had a really good day missionary work wise then Tuesday was horrible we had two people drop us no potentials and all but one of our lessons cancel. Then the next day we had a little more luck taught some good lessons and found two potentials then we just had no luck the next day. But all in all it was another good week!! The bad days just made the good days that much more appreciated.

We also had a really cool thing happen. So we had just started teaching this ten year old that is seriously crazy. He has read the Book of Mormon the Karan the bible like he's crazy! But he has been coming to our church saying he knows it is true and we taught him once and his mom had no interest in meeting with us so she just dropped him of at the church and said she would be back in 30 minutes. Well she came back 30 minutes later and we were not quite done so she sat in and you could tell it actually peaked some interest and she started asking some questions. Then that next night Patrick. The boy, calls us and says he can't come to our church anymore, we asked why not and if we could help with anything and he just said not important. And hung up. We were both so bummed we were like okay we just got dropped by a ten year old. That's awesome. But then the next night his mom calls us saying she needs to talk to us, so we set up an appointment for the next day. We met with her and we talked a lot about repentance, families, and the atonement ( she had Patrick when she was 15) and Patrick thinks she is damned and has no chance to repent so we talked to her and told her we can always repent and the spirit was so so strong and she was crying and our joint teacher was crying and maybe I shed a like half a tear... But it was awesome! She said she wants to hear all the lessons and learn more. So we will see!!

I also have my first talk in German this Sunday. Wow it was ROUGH! But it was good. I prayed for confidence and to not be nervous and it was crazy I got up and started to speak and I felt so comfortable and so calm and I wasn't even nervous. My language stunk and probably made no sense but I was confident in my effort! Maybe next time I'll pray for help with the language! But it was just a short 5 minute talk on missionary work and my testimony! Pretty simple!

Hmm what else... I finally bought my lederhosens today but time goes by so fast on P day so sadly no pictures yet but I promise next week! They are awesome though! It is so good to hear from everybody at home and here how you are doing! Have a great week!!
Elder Hunter

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