Monday, March 14, 2016

This week was really good! We had a lot of special stuff this week
which made it interesting. We had Mission tour and also stake
conference this week so we spent pretty much all of Friday through
Sunday in Salzburg. But it was way fun! I learned a lot this week
which was awesome. We have not had a ton of progress with our
investigators and we have been trying really hard to find some new
investigators but finding here is pretty dang hard. But we keep
trying. This week we spent a total of 11 hours finding. Haha which in
a bigger stadt would not be that bad. But in a bunch of small dorfs
it's a ton. Haha on Tuesday we doored for 6 hours straight. We almost
doored a whole dorf. Hahaha in that 6 hours we found one PU. Haha but
we are keeping our heads up and working hard to find new people.
We also went through our whole area book and called a whole bunch of
people and cleaned out the ones that the numbers didn't work and had
no addresses or anything. We found a few people there that we may
start teaching. Hopefully those work out.
On Friday we had Mission Tour in Salzburg and our zone and the Wien
zone came together which was way fun. It was great to see Elder
Cornetta again and catch up with him, then I also saw Matt Lyman! He
is the zone leader now in Wien and it was way fun to talk to him and
catch up and talk bikes a bit together. He is awesome. It was cool in
mission tour we actually talked a lot about the Articles Of Faith and
it's cool there is a very cool organization to them that I had never
recognized. It's 4x3+1.
1-3 talk about the plan
4-6 talk about structure of church
7-9 talk about resources
10-12 talk about activities in church
13 is
It was pretty cool to see that. Then we also talked a lot about
following the rules and how exact obedience brings blessings. It was a
pretty good meeting!
Then on Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference which was way
awesome. There were some really good talks and it is so cool because
the focus all around the church right now is on Member missionary
work. It just goes to show how important and truly vital it is to
missionary work. One thing I really liked that was said in conference
was that nothing we do in this work is ours. My two years of serving
no matter how many lessons I teach, people I baptize, people's lives
we bless, etc.  it is not for my own glory. It should all be done in
the glory of God and for him. This is his work. I thought that was
really cool. And at conference I saw and talked to Jakob Schenk for a
bit. He said to tell the Leishmans hello! He is way cool and he
actually was one of the first fellowshipers for our investigator
Horst. It was fun talking to him for a bit.
It was another good week and I continue to learn so much from
everybody around me every day. We had a companionship stay at our
apartment for conference and one was a brand new missionary this
transfer and I was thinking finally I'll know more than somebody in
the mission, but as I talked to him I swear I learned more from him
than a lot of other people. Haha but it's good. It was humbling. :) I
love my mission! I hope everyone else has a great week also.

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter
                                                     So fun to see Jacob Schenk again!
                                                           .... and Elder Matt Lyman
The gazebo from the sound of music
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