Monday, March 7, 2016

     Wow this week was crazy but so good. It is already my second transfer
here in the field which seems absolutely crazy to me. But I am so
stoked about it all right now. Seriously the mission is so hard and
very hard work a lot of times when the last thing you want to do is
work but it is so worth it all. But anybody that is considering
serving a mission, it is so worth it and I can't even explain how much
and how quickly you learn.
      Now speaking of learning quickly I'll start
of about how I learned being familiar with your scriptures is
important. We had a lesson last week on Monday with a lady that
invited us back after we did an Umfrage (survey) the Saturday before
and so we were teaching her for the first time and we were teaching
the restoration and she was asking why there are so many different
churches and I had the great idea of sharing 2 Nephi 28 15-18 which
talks about the great apostasy.. Oh no I lied its 2 Nephi 28 3-5. But
I told her the previous one. Of course I accidentally pulled out one of the
very few scriptures in the Book Of Mormon that says the word whore and
talks about burning in hell.... Luckily she understood that I made a
mistake and happily read the correct verses. But yes, I now know I need
to know my scriptural references a little better... Haha sadly she was
very happy with where she was at and was not interested in learning
more but we left her with a Book of Mormon and our phone number and who
knows maybe she will change her mind. We made contact and introduced
it and invited and that's all a missionary can do.

     Then on Tuesday we had Distrikt meeting and that was really good we
spoke a lot about how the Book of Mormon is the keystone to our
religion and how once you know the Book of Mormon is true then you
really can know everything else is true. It all falls into place from
the Book of Mormon. One thing that I learned and have been practicing
is not just praying for an answer if the Book of Mormon is true once
but to continually pray about it. Pray about every chapter. Pray to
know what you should learn from this certain verse. Pray to feel
comfort. I have really been learning how helpful the Book of Mormon
really is in every way and when investigators read in the Book of
Mormon it's crazy how much more progress they make and honestly just
their countenance even changes. It's so cool!! But then it was also
cool because it just so played out that in almost every lesson this week
that subject became very relevant.  It was cool!
     Then on Wednesday we had to go to the doctor because Elder Harvey
dislocated a rib during Frühsport so now we have to go to Salzburg
once a week for physical therapy. Haha we also met with a member
family that is part of the ward missionary team and it is seriously so
cool here in this ward how dedicated they all are to missionary work
and helping us and giving us referrals and joint teaching and
everything. It is truly incredible how much more smoothly this work
goes when the investigator is introduced into open arms of people that are
really actually welcoming them. This ward when we bring a investigator
to church we have members greeting them people sitting next to them
even people inviting them to their house for dinner. It is amazing. I
would really like to invite everyone at home to take any opportunity
you get to really reach out and help people and make them feel
comfortable. Invite somebody to dinner, ask someone if they want to
hang out, it doesn't even have to be church related just reach out and
be a good example of standards and you will be doing missionary work
      Sadly this week we have completely lost contact with David. We call
him but he never answers and he doesn't answer his door if we come
by.. I think he is just scared to go any farther with his dad being so
upset about it so we have backed off a bit and just praying for him.
Sonja told us that she really just is happy about her life and that
she doesn't really have a desire to know more truth and we talked to
her about spiritual potential and showed her the video of the guy
going on the cruise and just sitting in his room the whole time
because he doesn't realize his ticket includes everything and that
seemed to have sparked it a little but we will see. Patrick is doing
awesome he has been praying every day he says and he tries to read
every day he is the smartest kid ever but sometimes it makes me worry
that he relies on his own knowledge more than knowledge from the Holy
Ghost. But he will get there, and hopefully pull Sonja along with him.
Cassandra has made some good progress finally! She came to church this
week and she actually read this week she actually had a cool
experience with receiving an answer in the Book of Mormon and so she
was excited. I made a deal with her that next fast Sunday I'll bear my
testimony if she will bear hers. Haha those are the main people right
      After church we went to cassandras house and she fed us and holy crap.
I have never been so full and sick in my life. A Romanians diet
consists of meat, meat, and more meat. We had like this meat soup,
then schnitzel and like 5 of that, then they brought this huge salami
plate out. Man that was too much meat. I never thought I would say
that. It's funny I get a taste of everything here. I have had greek
food, African food, Argentinian food, Romanian food, Turkish food and
German food. Haha hopefully I don't get too fat.
    It's also cool. Our zone this transfer challenged us to every day try
to find a miracle in the day and write it down. It's cool to see how
fast that list adds up. And it's not just all the big crazy miracles
but all the little miracles that if you weren't thinking about it you
would totally miss.  God really is in our lives every day and helps
us. It's really cool to realize that.
     Then last thing I wanted to talk about that we talked about in church
this week is talents. Everyone has talents and we are all so blessed
to have been given the talents we have. I know that we have all been
given the talents we have in order to bless our lives and bless those
around us. Use your talents and work on them and improve them. But the
coolest part is that the places where we aren't "naturally talented"
if it is important and we are humble we can be made strong.
Ether 12:27                                                                                                                                        "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men
weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all
men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves
before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become
strong unto them." I really like that!

Well I love you all!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

The two pictures are of Mondsee, which is one of my favorite places in our area. The church in the picture is in the sound of music

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