Monday, March 21, 2016

This week will be pretty short because we spent most of our time in
the apartment because elder Harvey has been sick since Tuesday. But we
still had a good week. We had Distrikt meeting on Tuesday and we
talked a lot about commitments and why they are important which was
good. I taught about asking direct questions and did a few role plays
and it was really good. I like Distrikt meeting a lot. But then we
came home and Elder Harvey was feeling really sick so he went to sleep
and I just did some studies and started reading "Our search for
happiness" (which I ended up finishing that day) haha it was a really
good book for members and non members alike to gain a good knowledge
of why we do what we do and are who we are as a church. It's pretty
short too so it's an easy read. I also this week have been listening
to a lot of talks from back in the 1980s and on and there are so many
good talks from so long ago that still are so effective today. I
really like the older talks because in a lot of them they are very
bold and straightforward which I really like. One of my new favorite
talks is from President Gordon B Hinckley and it's called four Bs for
boys. I believe it's from April 1981. But it is so good. I would
really encourage you to read it if you have some time. But the four Bs
are Be smart, be clean, be fair, and be true. I really liked it
because it is really just for very basic things we can all do to be
and become the people God wants us to be. And it starts of with a
pretty funny analogy. Haha
As for investigators we are still struggling to find new
investigators. Hugely because we couldn't go finding this week since
Elder Harvey was sick, but we did get in contact with David again when
we went to dinner for Fabrizios birthday and we talked to him and he
said he was really sorry he had been avoiding us and that his dad
called him and said if he heard he was even still meeting with us that
he would cut communications with him and so he was scared to talk to
us. We just told him that it is okay and we understand and just
invited him to keep reading and praying and told him if he ever needs
anything to let us know. So that was sad but at least we know where we
are with him now. Everybody else is just continuing with very slow but
always good progress.
I am doing really great and even though I hate being inside and not
out working I have tried to take advantage of the time and study the
lessons more and familiarize myself with the doctrines and everything.
I also got some good language studies in this week. We also had to
play a couple games of zug um zug to pass the time haha. But then we
had a really good day at church, we finally made a return appointment
with the Dax family who is a new convert that has us over once every
couple weeks to teach his mom and brother. It's pretty cool to see his
new testimony so strong and in action and they are both very open to
it. So hopefully that goes well this week.
That's really all that happened this week. Not a huge week but still a
good but different week. I'm just praying to get back out and work
hard this week. I love you all and I really hope you have a
wunderbares week!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

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