Wednesday, April 6, 2016

    This week was awesome. We finally got to get back going again because
finally neither of us are sick. We had an amazing p day last week
which I already talked about last week so I'll not talk much about
that, then Tuesday we had Distrikt meeting and I got to talk a little
bit about promising people blessings and it went really well. It is so
cool to realize that we really can promise people blessings. And there
are so many blessings we can promise. But then we did some finding and
then went to Marcus Malzls house with Andreas and Harry and ate dinner
and then taught them about the preisthood. We are working really hard
with Harry to prepare him for the preisthood. Then we played
tischtennis for a bit.
     Then on Wednesday we taught a new investigator
named Mileva for the first time. She is super nice and comes from
Bosnia. She is going to be hard because she is so happy with where she
is, so we are just trying to help her understand how much better she
can be. And then we taught Marek (well attempted) I really try to love
Marek. But sometimes wow he bothers me. So the ward has been
absolutely amazing in literally saving his life, they took him from
living in a tent with nothing to being in a decent appartment with
everything you could possibly need but he has seriously zero
gratefulness. There is one man in particular that was a HUGE part of
the effort to help him and he spent tons of money on him in groceries
buying a storage unit for him to put his stuff in, paying for his
appartment, he did so much. But now Marek all of a sudden is convinced
that this guy stole some stuff from him. But he doesn't even know what
he thinks he stole. He went to the police and filed a report against
him. I just don't understand him. But I am still trying to find love
for him. He is so nice to us. Which I guess is good.
   But then we had Sport Abend and had a pretty large group of youth there which was awesome. Nothing huge happened the next few days just normal lessons and finding and whatnot.
    Then came Sunday and Easter. It was such a
cool day. Catholic Church bells ringing all around, beautiful blue sky
and warm day, everybody was happy, and just a good spirit in the air.
It was a really good day at Church and there were some really good
talks, then we went to three different members houses and got to teach
lessons there and eat at two of them and do an Easter egg hunt at the
other and they made us both an Easter basket with candy and a tie, and
Dr Pepper and it was so nice. Then we had a big steak for dinner which
was amazing. I miss steak. And my favorite drink called Almdudler.
It's way good. Drink it if you ever get the chance. But they only sell
it in Austria. I also met a guy that served here quite a while ago and
came to find out he was Patrick Leishmans companion here in Neumarkt.
Such a small world. His name was Jake Fields.
     Then today we went hiking again to a mountain called schafberg but
sadly didn't make it to the top because the snow was too deep. But it
was still way fun and pretty. We also took a nonmember with us and
just talked with him and made a good friendship. Hopefully we have
helped him a little bit. He lives in north Germany and is only
visiting but maybe we planted a good seed. We'll see. Great p day
This week was really good and I am hoping we can make next week even
better. I hope you all had an awesome Easter.

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

                                                     Easter basket from an amazing family

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