Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This week was great!! I really learned a lot and we had a lot of good
successes as well! On Tuesday we had district meeting which was
awesome and then we did a district finding day again which is always
way awesome and you always learn so much. Then after that we started
our exchange and this time I was with Elder Samuelson in Salzburg. It
is such a different experience being in a city without a car. It was
really awesome. We were the classic missionaries sprinting across the
city to get to Bahnhof in our white shirts and ties because we were
about to miss the train. We thought a couple really good lessons one
in German and one in English. It was interesting teaching a lesson in
English and seeing how well I actually know the lessons and doctrines
and not having the language barrier limiting what I can say and
expound on. So that was cool. Then as we walked from placebo place we talked
to every person we passed which was a cool experience that we don't
get very much of in my area because we just drive from dorf to dorf.
But then in the morning me and Elder Samuelson went for a nice run
along the river in Salzburg which was awesome except I forgot my socks
and so then I got two awesome blisters on my arches haha. It was a
really good exchange and it was awesome again to get to learn from a
more experienced and really awesome missionary.

And then on Wednesday I would say we had one of the best days we have
had in Neumarkt. We started the day with an awesome lesson with a new
investigator named Mileva. Gerald Roth came with us (old mission
president) we went completely differently than we planned and went
from talking about the purpose of life to the word of wisdom and
baptism. Haha. It went really well though. She committed to half the
amount of cigarettes she smokes a day. We told her whenever she feels
like she needs help to call us and she has a few times so I think she
is really trying, and she also came to conference. Then we had a lesson
with another new investigator named Llama and had a really good lesson
talking about God and who he is and how we can communicate with
him through prayer. He is Buddhist but believes there is more and he
has two sisters that have become Christian. Then we taught Horst which
is always simple but good then we went to read with sister Huber and
we offered to help her outside because it was really a beautiful day.
She was so excited and said yes! We took her outside to read and then
pushed her around Neumarkt in her wheelchair for about half an hour
and later she told us she hasn't been outside in 4 months. She was so
thankful and it was really touching.

Then we had a lot of service on Friday. We helped Fabrizio move in the
morning to Salzburg in the stadt. Then we helped Frau Lissi with a bunch
of trees and stuff in her yard, she is crazy haha she will just like
point at the tree and say cut that but then not say which branches she
wants us to cut but then she is super picky about which branch you cut
and where on the branch you cut. But it was good and she appreciated
it. Then we helped another family move with the ward. There were about
fifteen guys there from the ward. It was really impressive. The family
is not a member family so they are not a potential family and they said
we could come back anytime. So we will see.

Then Saturday we went out to Mattsee to go by a potential we got but
we knocked on the door and the husband answered and saw us laughed and
closed the door before we even could say anything. Haha maybe we'll
try going back again later and hope the wife answers the door again.
But then we just continued dooring with no luck. Which is okay, we
tried! Then after doing that for about 2 hours we decided we deserved
an ice cream. Then we headed back to Neumarkt and then went and taught
Cassandra. She was making good progress for a while but now she is
very stagnant and almost even going backwards. She says she doesn't
feel like she is good enough because she never remembers all the
things she is supposed to do until she is worried and needs comfort or
something then she remembers to pray and read. Her life is just crazy
right now she is 18 has a kid, works the night shift at a bar, trying
to help her parents find jobs, it's pretty crazy. But we'll keep
praying for her and trying to help her. Then we had the first session
of Conference. It was really good from what I could tell.. We had a
couple investigators there that we needed to stay with and so we had
to stay in the German translation, I understood bits and pieces but
didn't get as much as I wish I did. I'll just have to read them this

On Sunday we got to listen to priesthood session, Saturday afternoon
and Sunday morning sessions. Conference as a missionary is crazy. Haha
you are trying to help investigators but also just trying to listen.
I'll reread a lot of talks. But one talk that really stuck out to me
was Dale G Renlund. I really liked how he talked about the farther away
from Christ we are the more we feel like we deserve to be saved and
deserve to have a testimony, but as you come closer to Christ you
start to realize that all of those things are giant blessings that
honestly most the time I don't even feel like I deserve. On my mission
I can really say I have felt this. Before my mission I had the
attitude of I deserve a testimony why is it not as strong as I want it
to be and honestly getting frustrated that my testimony was not as
strong as I would want it to be. But on my mission I have realized as
we just try to come closer to him it comes so much stronger and you
start to realize where it actually comes from. So I liked that talk a

Then today we went and hiked a mountain called Drachenwand. It was way
cool and had a super cool view at the top!! It was a way fun p day.
Last of two with Elder Harvey... Who will be next..?

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

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