Monday, April 25, 2016

Guten morgen!!
This week was great a little crazy but way good. We started off with
just a super chill p day the weather was bad so we just shopped and
everything and then emailed and played some German games. Germany is
super famous I guess for their games! There are some really fun ones!!

Then on Tuesday we had Zone Training which was really good. We talked
a lot about working with and through the members which was really good
and me and Elder Jensen had a pretty big part of it explaining what we
have been doing in our ward and how amazing it has been. Our ward is
incredible with missionary work. We have started asking members when
we are invited for dinner if we can bring an investigator or a less
active member and teach them after. Lately the members have been
asking US if we can bring a less active or investigator to their house
and even a few taking it completely on themselves and just asking for
their number and inviting them without us. It has been really cool to
watch. But them after training we were able to have a zone party for
another 5 hours because as a mission we reached our baptism goal and
Salzburg had the biggest amount so we got to have a party and we
played füßball and frisbee and the field was super wet and muddy and
we all got wrecked... Then we barbecued some Bratwursts and made Kool
aid that elder Jensen had received in the international ward and all
talked and had a good time. Then we came back to Neumarkt had a member
appointment then had sport abend in our ward... We played sport a lot
on Tuesday... But we always teach at the end of sport abend!! :)

Then on Wednesday we did our studies then went straight to Salzburg to
start our exchange with the Zone leaders. I was with Elder Erickson
our new zone leader and we stayed in Neumarkt. It was fun to get to
know him and work with him. We did some street contacting and dooring
in Mondsee and found a girl that at first seemed really genuinely
interested but as the conversation went on realized she just wanted
money and once we said as missionaries we are not allowed to give
money and right after we said that she changed from this sweet girl to
such a brat.. But, I still feel bad. It's always hard knowing that
somebody is in a hard situation and not be able to help. That was my
first real experience thus far with any refugees really. We teach a
few but they are all pretty established and not struggling to bad.
Then we went to a members house with Harry (new member) and Andreas
(investigator) who are best friends and Harry introduced us to
Andreas.  We ate dinner then talked about the Word of wisdom. Andreas
already followed it without even knowing it. Haha he is awesome. Then
we played some tischtennis.

On Thursday we were supposed to meet with a hopefully new investigator
but sadly she forgot about the appointment so we just left a note and
she called us later and said she was so sorry and made out a new
appointment which is good!! Then we had our aus wertungs Gespräch. I
don't know what they are called in English but it's when we basically
just conduct a comp inventory of the exchange and talk about what the
other is good at and maybe something he can work on and talk about the
goals we set for the tausch. It was really good and it is always nice
to get some feedback and know what you can work on. Then me and elder
Jensen had the rest of the day and we just met with a few people then
ate dinner at Sonjas house.

On Friday we just did a lot of finding and taught Patrick which went
really good. It was a really powerful lesson and he really understood
and I think felt the spirit. I know I did! Then we did a service
project for Frau Lissi and I stood on a sketchy ladder and cut a bunch
of big branches out of a tree and then we moved and aired out two HUGE
piles of compost. It was some good work! Haha then she cooked us her
little treats she always makes us which is pretty much a jelly
sandwich with her homemade marmalade dipped in eggs and rum (alcohol
free because she knows we can't have alcohol), then deep fried. They
are really good!! She always makes us like 3 big plate fulls haha.
Then she also gives us her homemade "strong juice" haha it is just her
mix of a bunch of berries and different things from her garden and it
tastes pretty gnarly but you feel healthy that's for sure. Haha

Saturday we were at home the whole day because Elder Jensen was sick
(the service was to much for him) haha no he just had a bad cold but
bishop was way nice and brought us schnitzel and Almdudler for lunch
and I got some great studies in. I love reading in the institute
Manuels. It just lays things out and puts things together really
simply and powerfully. They are good!!

Sunday was way cool we had church which is always good, then we had a
lunch appointment and had schnitzel again haha. Then we went to
Salzburg for the baptism of Marco who is the boyfriend of a girl in
our ward who was less active but is now coming back and started
meeting with the missionaries less than a month ago. I had the
opportunity to teach him twice as well which was way cool to see
somebody I got to work with a bit be baptized. He is way cool and
hopefully he really stays on this path! Then we were supposed to have
a lesson with Fabian who is the brother from Kevin D in our ward.
But sadly he forgot and so we ended up just teaching/discussing the
plan of salvation with Kevin and also Toby. Toby is an 18 year old in
our ward that we invited to be a joint teach. He is really awesome.
That I something else we want to start doing is inviting the youth
that are close to mission age to come as joint teaches and get excited
about the work. But it was really good and Toby is excited to come
with us again to a real lesson!!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

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