Thursday, April 21, 2016

This week has just been crazy. Monday through Wednesday we had
appointments accounting for the whole day. I think we ate more food
than I have my whole time here. Haha everybody just wanted to get one
last time with Elder Harvey in and I wasn't complaining.. Haha we
enjoyed our last few days together and I am gunna miss good old
Harvey. On Wednesday morning we woke up and pretty much just finished
helping him pack his stuff then we headed to Bahnhof and waited for
the train to Salzburg. It was really weird and kinda sad knowing it
was the end! But we got to Salzburg and Harevey got on the train to
München and I had to wait at Bahnhof for about 6 hours waiting for my
new comp to get there. We did some finding and got lunch in Salzburg
with everybody else that was waiting for their new comps as well.
Finally the train came and I got my new companion! Elder Jensen. He is
from Wisconsin, loves the Packers, nicknamed the bear. He wants to run
every morning and so far we have. It's been good. The first few days I
was a little worried cause he was pretty quite and I didn't know how
that would be but he is opening up now and I think we will honestly
have a really good time. I think we will be able to get some really
good work done. The only problem is he loves area book work and I hate
area book work.. But it will be good for me to learn to like it. Haha
I would just much rather be out actually with the people talking to
them and creating relationships. It's hard to create relationships
over the phone. But hopefully we can get a good mix going.

It has been interesting taking over the area and helping Jensen
understand all the situations of our investigators and introducing him
to everyone. He will do great here. We decided we want to really
emphasize working with members and also trying to help the less
actives in the ward. Hopefully it works well. We will see. This week
has pretty much just been setting up appointments with our
investigators and introducing them to Jensen.

We also found out me and Elder Jensen have the same birthday. Haha we
have been doing a lot of calling and a lot of dooring. I push for the
dooring and he pushes for area book work and it equals out pretty

We were dooring yesterday and we came across this one lady and she was
like sorry I am eating now and I am a very devoted Catholic and went
to go back inside the. Turned back around and said hey are you guys
Mormons? And we were like yeah we are! We are missionaries from the
lds church! And she was like oh I thought you were JWs I was in Salt
Lake City and I loved the Mormons. They celebrated Easter so
amazingly! They were all such good people there! " if I wasn't a
Catholic I would defiantly be a Mormon. Have a good night!" Me and
elder Jensen were like wait you can change your religion.... Haha it
was funny but sadly she was set on not talking. Maybe we will try
going back another time.

There was another guy named Franz that we met dooring in a tiny
farming dorf and he answered the door and was really nice except you
could tell he was a little distraught we told him who we were and what
we were doing and he was like yeah no I am okay I am happy with my
religion blah blah blah but then we started talking about just the
role of religion in life and he got into it and he was like yeah
everybody needs religion, then he kinda got a little quieter and told
us he thinks his neighbor has an evil spirit. His neighbor randomly
came over one day and pointed at his new bush he planted and said it
will wither and die and that night it happened and he was really
freaked out. We talked a little about it and offered to say a prayer
with him at first he was hesitant but then he was just like okay. So
we did and it was really powerful. We said amen he said amen then he
just said thank you kinda Geary eyed and we asked if we could come
back at another time and he said no but we gave him our card and said
if he ever needed anything to call. He was very thankful. It just goes
to show not everybody will accept the gospel or our message right away
but it can still bless them before they even accept it. Maybe he will
realize it and give us a call.

My new favorite section in preach my gospel is the " Christlike
Attributes " section. You go through it and you realize how much stuff
there is that we "I" can work on. That is one of my goals I decided
for this transfer (and for life) to really focus on working on and
practicing those loving and out reaching traits. If we are always able
to turn outward to others rather than inwards to ourselves we will be
much happier.

Neumarkt is awesome. I love this area. I have it so good here. Such a
good ward, beautiful area, good companion, what else could I ask for??
Well I guess I will ask we can find a few more people. But that will
come with hard work! :) okay I hope everybody has an amazing week!! I
know I will! Love you all! Good luck to everybody finishing up and
taking finals in school!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

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