Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hey everybody!!
This week was not super productive but we tried our best. But first
I'll just say what our week was. The week Neumarkt changed to a bike
area. Okay now the background. A while ago before I was here they had
a small car accident that we still needed to fix but hadn't got around
to yet. We finally took it in and they said it would be three days. So
we called the sisters if we could borrow their bikes for the week. At
first we were stoked. We had a lesson in Eugendorf that night and
started riding there. About 1/3 of the way there my tube EXPLODED. It
literally sounded like a bomb. Haha we had no tools or an extra tube
so we had to call a member to take us there. We were about 15 minutes
late. We had a really good lesson with a members non member little
brother and his girlfriend. At the end of the lesson they asked how we
were getting home and offered to take us to Bahnhof and checked when
the next bahn was it was in 5 minutes so he hurried and jumped up and
sped us to Bahnhof on the way out the door I asked how far it was and
he laughed and said about 4 minutes away. Haha. Sad,y we missed it and
the next bahn didn't come till 9:30 so we did our daily planning there
at Bahnhof and waited for the bahn. Then on the bahn there was a
member that offered to take us back to our bikes, we figured that
would save us a lot of time the next day so we did and we rode on the
same bike with me pedaling and Harvey sitting on the seat with the
other bike on his shoulders. People laughed really hard. It was pretty
great. We didn't get home till 10:30 and went straight to bed. The
next day we spent about 3 hours trying to find a bike shop and finally
found one and walked in right at 12 and they closed at twelve. They
were nice though and helped us out. Finally fixed the bike then went
on about our day but the chains fell off every five seconds. Elder
Harvey got sooo frustrated with it. We rode about half of Thursday and
then he lost it and we rode back and he just went and laid down for a
bit. I said a prayer that we would be able to get some work done and
that elder Harvey would be happy and get over it. About 5 minutes
later the people called us saying our car was done. That was really a
blessing. We were then able to be much more effective and went and
visited Horst in Irrsee. We also got 100 percent on our cleaning
inspection again and they said out apartment is the cleanest apartment
in the mission. They took pictures and are sending them to the mission
office. Haha!

We also got transfer calls on Saturday. I will be staying in Neumarkt
and my new companion is coming from the Office. His name is Elder
Jensen. He is from Wisconsin and was trained by the same missionary as
elder Harvey. He also only has two transfers left which means I will
either stay here for only one more transfer or else I'll be here for
three more. We will see! Either way will be great!

With Elder Harevey leaving this week we have had so many member
appointments these next two days we literally have an eating
appointment every meal of the day. On Sunday we fasted then we had
Potluck after church which is when the whole ward eats together, after
that we visited Cassandra and she insisted on giving us schnitzel,
then the Kellnersteinmetz invited us over for Helens birthday to have
cake and ice cream, then we went straight from there to the Lerchners
for dinner. Wayyyy to much food. Haha
Today we had district p day and just went to St Wolfgang and hung out
and got lunch and played at this park with Giant swings! It was pretty
I am sad to see elder Harvey go but am also excited to work with Elder
Jensen. I know I can learn a lot from him! I am looking forward to
this week!! I hope you all had a great week and that we have now been
trying to APPLY what we have learned last week in Conference!! I love
you all. Tschüss!!!
Oh also a joke. What do you call a blind German?   A Nazi. Haha okay I
thought it was funny. Have a great week!!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Hunter

                                                 Wolfgang See

                                                            Stupid Bikes

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